Confessions Of An Economic Hitman: The Truth About America

I am sorry to tell you, but America has been slipping over the years. Unfortunately it goes much deeper than it appears on the surface. America has been involved in enslaving the developing countries of the world with debt and forcing them to sell their resources for pennies on the dollar to big American companies. We have become the bullies of the world, exploiting weaker nations for what we want. Why do you think Americans have a bad reputation across the world? It goes much deeper than fast food and laziness.

John Perkins has been involved in some of these terrible crimes against humanity. He was an Economic Hitman who worked for a third party organization that was hired by the CIA to bribe and indebt the developing nations of the world that had valuable resources. After years of being involved in this behavior he realized that it was destroying the world and the average person is not even aware of what is going on. He got out of the corrupt business he was in and has spoken out about these issues ever since.

He is the author of the book ”Confessions of An Economic Hitman”, “The Secret History Of The American Empire” and many other books. He has done many interviews including confessions of an economic Hitman, which had a segment that appeared in the film Zeitgeist: Addendum (below), but you can see the full interview here. He also is involved with the Speaking Freely series and started it off with vol. 1. He has great interviews about The Secret History of the American Empire and many other topics.

He has traveled the world and has become a vey intelligent man. He has a grasp on the bigger picture and what is truly going on today. He understands that there are fundamental problems built into our system to keep the world’s wealth in the hands of a few. John Perkins knows that the future lies in our hands. He even has knowledge of many indigenous cultures and their spiritual beliefs and even prophesies.

I will let John Perkins tell you what is going on himself. He is well spoken and easy to understand.

I strongly recommend you look into the works of John Perkins and understand for yourself what is really going on. We live in a world where it is hard to know who to believe. According to David Hume you should only listen to first person testimonies. Otherwise the chance is greater that that person has been deceived, or that person is trying to deceive you. John Perkins has been personally involved with what he talks about and has come to this understanding through his involvement. We need to take some time out of our day and listen to what he has to say.

Speaking Freely: Vol. 1 With John Perkins

What do you think about all this? I would like to hear your opinion.

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The Road To Civilization

There are many people doing great things to make the world a better place. The problem is that most of our efforts will be within the same mindset that got us into these problems. The results are too little too late. We need global consciousness shift if we expect anything to get better. The profit mentality has been like a cancer growing on this earth consuming every man, woman, and child in its path.  The average American is so deep in the rabbit hole that they actually believe they are free and America is  still the greatest country in the world.

The truth is far from the reality that most people live in. Once you can take a step back and look at the bigger picture you will see that capitalism is a more clever form of slavery. The best part is everyone actually BELIEVES they are free. That is the key this plan, without the illusion of freedom the American people would not stand for it.

“…slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborers, while the European plan… Is that capital shall control labor by controlling wages. This can be done by controlling the money it will not do to allow the Greenback… as we cannot control that.”

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe- 1749-1832

So what do we do now? We have millions of people who are starting to see the world for what it truly is. But how do we go about change? And what do we change? Let’s look at a few perspectives.

Carl Sagan updated his 1980 series “The Cosmos” ten years later and addressed the major issues we need to face as a species.

  1. We need to be more responsible with the use of fossile fuels. Instead of a car that gets 20 miles to the gallon how about 70 MPG.
  2. We need to commit to safe alternative energy sources. Solar, wind, and tidal sources of energy are clean, renewable, and sustainable.
  3. Global reforestation on a massive scale
  4. Help bring all nations out of poverty and to sustainability. This is key to addressing the planet’s overpopulation issue. Most populations grow much quicker in 3rd world countries. Education and resources is the best chance to help aid this issue.

Carl Sagan could not have been more accurate on his advice. He saw the problems with our society and knew possible solutions. His advice in 1990 could not be more relevant today. However I believe we must change the fundamental problems built into our system that create these conditions. The first three of Carl Sagan’s guidelines are all caused by the greedy profit motive that thrives in our capitalistic society. We have had great solutions to all of those 3 issues, but the problem remains that there are too many people making too much money to change. Any efforts will be futile when maximizing profits is still a goal for most people.

Below are some more recent lists of things you can do today to start implementing practical change.

Here is the list of solutions from the film Zeitgeist: Addendum

  1. Expose the FED cartel: Boycott Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, and Bank of America. Move to credit unions, refinance somewhere else, and if you work there quit.
  2. Turn off the TV news: Use and protect the internet
  3. Boycott the military
  4. Boycott energy companies: Get off the grid and make your home and car as efficient as possible
  5. Reject the political system: Focus on working to dissolve the outdated system of politics, in favor of technological redesign
  6. Join the movement

Here is a list from the Pennsylvania chapter of the Zeitgeist movement

  1. Create individual awareness
  2. Create collective awareness
  3. Connect on social networks and the internet
  4. Change the monetary system.

Here are practical solutions from the film Thrive

  1. Get informed, speak up, connect with others
  2. Bank locally
  3. Buy and invest responsibly
  4. Join the movement to audit and end the Federal Reserve
  5. Keep the internet fair and open
  6. Support independent media
  7. Support non-GMO farming
  8. Join movements to bring about honest elections, require election and campaign finance reform
  9. Advocate for renewable energy and start talking about Free energy
  10. Sign up for critical mass actions, Join together

The lists are all basically saying the same thing. We need to put and end to the corruption in our society by taking power away from industries that have unchecked for so long. We need to end the FED, create an honest democracy, and keep the Internet free and open. In addition I feel that we should be focusing on education as much as possible. Knowledge will set you free.

Here is my list for Taking Our Planet Back

1. Global consciousness change: We need to understand the fundamental problems that are built into our system. There needs to be more education on how our monetary system works with the history of the fractional reserve banking system. The key to change is a global connected consciousness. We need to shift our views from individual profit to the collective well being of everyone on the planet. We need to understand that our economy can only survive with unnecessary consumption and our planet cannot sustain that model for long. We need to let go from our entitlement and obsession with owning property. Think of how much stuff in your house only gets used once a year. We need to come together and realize that we are all one.

2. Addressing the monetary system: The Federal Reserve needs to be shut down as soon as possible. The fractional reserve banking system is unethical and outdated. Our entire planet is operating on Fiat currency, which will always fail. We need to reattach real resources to the monetary system instead of arbitrarily printing money. Moving toward a resource-based economy is the most logical thing to do. We need to abolish the concept of interest as it is unethical and creates fundamental problems in the monetary system.

3. Embracing technology and efficiency: We need to redesign city systems to be sustainable and energy efficient. We have the blueprints for self-sustaining cities. We need to revolutionize the world of transportation. There is too much human error in driving a car and we are far beyond cars in the terms of technology. True massive public transportation systems should be implemented and free of charge. We need to start using our technology to provide the basic human needs for all people on the planet instead of concentrated wealth in the hands of a few men. We can use the same technology to provide power to the world or destroy the world. We need to stop burning fossil fuels and convert to clean energy. We have the technology to create Free Energy that is 100% clean for everyone on the planet. We no longer need to make houses out of concrete and wood, there is energy producing material that can be used on the outside of your house and power your whole house. Once we break free from the selfish profit motives that enslave the mentality of the world we can implement these cool technologies into our daily lives at no cost.

4. Create an honest form of democracy: Our current political system is infested with conflict of interest. Our last president was an oilman and our current president is in the pockets of pharmaceutical companies and other various corporations. The separation of BUSINESS and state is the most important thing we can do. How can someone make an honest law when it affects the profits of a company they are invested into? They can’t and our laws reflect that. We need to focus on true democracy where the voice of the people is the strongest form of government there is.

5. Get the corporations to do the right thing: Since corporations are so powerful they have a lot of influence on the public. Educating as many people in as many corporate boardrooms as possible could lead to great things. I do believe that not all big corporations are evil. They are just following the general guidelines of our capitalistic society. Some companies are already taking steps to clean energy and positive environmental impacts. The key to a better future is to understand the manufacturing process and being able to operate at maximum efficiency. We need to convince influential companies that maximizing profits is unethical and a thing of the past. We need to have more collaboration in the manufacturing process instead of too much unnecessary competition that leads to a waste of resources. Planned obsolescence should be a thing of the past, in fact illegal.

6. End all advertisement: Do you need to be told what you need to buy every second of every day? No. We know what is out there and don’t need to be constantly reminded. Advertising and marketing is an unethical waste of energy and resources and should also be made illegal. It is focused on profit and greed instead of the well being of the customer. If you make good products people will know about them. Advertisements are an insult to our intelligence and use unethical psychological tricks to get you to buy something that was designed to break before it normally should.

7. Realize that we are all one: This is the most important and without this step al hope is lost. This is the part that no human civilization has ever gotten right. War has always dominated and fear conquered love. With our current communication technology we have the chance to do something that has never been accomplished yet is talked about by every wise man to ever live. We are all one. In a literal sense we are all made up of the same parts of the same star taking in energy from the same star. We are all just forms of carbon taking different identity assigned by society. We have all forgotten the basic essence of life. We are all connected. Without you there could be no me. All religions share this universal concept but it is often forgotten due to so many frivolous differences. We are all one and we are trying to convince ourselves otherwise. We are trying to play our part so well that we actually believe we have our own identity and our own individuality. If that is true why can you feel someone staring at you from the back? Science is starting to embrace this concept and quantum physics has a theory that all memory is non-local (not in your brain). There is evidence everywhere you turn. It is time to understand and embrace the human family.

“If it’s true that we’re all from the center of a star, every atom on each of us from the center of a star, then we’re all the same thing. Even a Coke machine or a cigarette butt in the street in buffalo is made out of atoms that came from a star. They’ve all been recycled thousands of times, as have you and I. And therefore, it’s only me out there. So what is there to be afraid of? What is there that needs solace seeking? Nothing. There’s nothing to be afraid of because it’s all us.

The trouble is we have been separated by being born and given a name and an identity and being individuated. We’ve been separated from the oneness, and that’s what religion exploits. That people have this yearning to be part of the overall one again. So they exploit that. They call it god, they say he has rules, and I think it’s cruel. I think you can do it absent religion.” – George Carlin, 1937-2008


“…an extraterrestrial visitor examining the differences among human societies would find those differences trivial compared to the similarities…
Our lives, our past and our future are tied to the sun, the moon and the stars…
We humans have seen the atoms which constitute all of nature and the forces that sculpted this work…
And we, we who embody the local eyes and ears and thoughts and feelings of the cosmos, we have begun at least to wonder about our origins — star stuff contemplating the stars, organized collections of ten billion billion billion atoms, contemplating the evolution of nature, tracing that long path by which it arrived at consciousness here on the planet earth…
Our loyalties are to the species and to the planet. We speak for earth. Our obligation to survive and flourish is owed not just to ourselves but also to that cosmos ancient and vast from which we spring!
We are one species. We are star stuff harvesting star light.
” – “Who Speaks for Earth?” Carl Sagan, 1934-1996


What do you think? Have any other important steps to transition us into a better world? Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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The Dangers Of Exponential Times

We all know that we live in exponential times. The world around us is changing very rapidly. Sometimes it feels like it is hard to keep up with everything going on. That is because exponential growth is hard to keep up with. Even if you are growing at a set percentage rate for a fixed number of years you are still experiencing exponential growth. This is because that the additional percentage is added to the base amount and the value of the percentage increases. When we use this model for real world issues we can quickly see serious problems arise.

There are many different exponential growth curves going on right now, but we will look at the main 3.

Population growth

The population of the earth is an exponential function because the birth rate is much higher than the death rate. We have also experienced the baby boomers and generation X, which has dramatically raised the population. The real question is what does it all mean. It comes down to a matter of resources and energy. When the population is growing so is the need for food, shelter and energy. But should we be worried? According to National geographic 7 billion people could stand shoulder-to-shoulder and fit inside Los Angeles. When you are flying in a plane and look out the window you mostly see empty space. Where are all the people we are afraid of? Taking up all the land on the planet should not be the first concern. Resources will need to be produced far more efficiently for us to get to that point. However, if our population continues to grow at 1.3% per year we will reach a population density of one person per one square meter on the dry land earth surface in 780 years.


Another undeniable exponential growth curve is our technology. You can see in the video above that the amount of time it took for different technologies to reach 50 million people got much shorter as technology progressed. The population contributes to this, but it would not be possible without the technological means to do so. We can look at the speed of a computer almost double every year, along with the memory. We now have databases, servers, Facebook, and twitter.

Technology is the most positive growth curve we are experiencing. It can be used intelligently to enhance our daily lives or it can be used carelessly as means to speed up the destruction of our species. As mentioned before overpopulation is very far off because we are currently using our technology to maximize short term profits instead of operating at optimal efficacy. Once we can shift our mentality from the selfish nature that capitalism promotes to the collected wellbeing of all people on the earth, we can then start using our technology in an effective manor. We are currently prevented from implementing certain useful technologies into society because there is some company that is making too much money with they way things are. Positive change would mean giving up the power of a superior lifestyle and no CEO wants that. Technology should be used responsibly to promote universal wellbeing.

The Economy and The Money Supply

It is much less understood that our economy can only survive in this infinite growth paradigm. There are so many flaws built into our economic system it is basically like a giant ponzi scheme. Money is created, but then interest is charged on the newly created money and in order to repay that interest they must create more new money and debt or take money out of the existing money supply. Either way is bad for us common folks. Either more money devaluating the current money supply causing the purchasing power of your dollar to fall or the money supply contacting leading to more unemployment and foreclosures. It’s a giant made-up game and you were probably born on the losing side.

We must change the cycle of our economy from the exponential growth to a sustainable cycle like one found in nature. The cycle of the Taurus is the key for free energy, anti-gravity, and other forms of renewable energy and travel. We are on the break through of the greatest discoveries in the history of science but we are again silenced because there is someone making money of the inefficient technology in place. We need to break free from these restrictions and create a sustainable economic system that is free to advance with the current technology and knowledge of the era. Like a resource based economy.

The bottom line is that we have created silly systems that promote inequality, waste and greed that now prevent real improvements to be made. We can use technology to solve the overpopulation issue only if we are not limited by our economy and monetary system.

What do you think? Let me know!

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Carl Sagan: A Life Of Progress

Carl Sagan was a great man. He was far beyond his time and has provided us with very useful advice that could not be more relevant today. He was a scientist and an astronomer. He was a very knowledgeable man and worked hard to spread that knowledge. He was the host of the acclaimed PBS series “The Cosmos” which originally aired in 1980. He was a major pioneer in the field of astronomy and the exploration of the universe.

We all need to take some time to understand what Carl Sagan wanted us to know. The most important aspect is the value of education. He realized that there would be great disturbance in a democratic society based on science if the average person has no concept of science. When people start to accept that they don’t know anything about a particular topic, they are open to suggestion by anyone who claims to have knowledge. When this occurs all of the important decisions fall in the hands of a few people. Like today.

Education and the scientific model both need to be held to the highest importance. We need to focus our resources on what the average person knows, not what they own. Material possessions are useless compared to the knowledge of the universe. There is so much to discover we will never be able to achieve it all. Given everything that we know about life, lots of men have come to the conclusion that we don’t know much. We are beginning to understand our primitive nature. This is why we need to embrace the fact that we have limited advanced knowledge of the universe. The scientific model has no problem admitting that it is wrong or that it does not have the answer. This is what motivates scientist to discover new information about our existence. It is built into the scientific model. Even gravity is still a theory at this point. Everything is viewed as a theory until it can be proven wrong. Nothing is for sure and everything has the ability to evolve with knowledge.

Carl Sagan talks about many interesting things in his last interview in 1996. He gave a lot of warnings to the generations to come about the destructive and unsustainable behaviors that are so common. In his later years he was very direct about everything he believed. He spent a lifetime using the scientific method to understand everything around us and made some amazing conclusions.

His point of view is crucial for us to understand. He lived a fascinating life and we should all honor the progress that he made for all humans regarding our universal understanding.  Check out his series “The Cosmos” and also watch some interviews that are on YouTube.

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Aliens Exist and Don’t Like Our Nuclear Weapons

Believe what you will about aliens, but there is astounding proof that we have made first contact with real aliens. Now I know what you are thinking, o great another alien conspiracy. But I am just asking you to take a look at the strongest evidence that I have come across.

The answers are in the crop circles. For many years everyone has wondered what they could possibly mean. They are not just pretty geometric designs. Before we go into the meaning of crop circles let’s review what we already know. These crop circles are very large in size and have perfect complex designs. There are no footprints around any of the sites and every crop circle is perfectly shaped and the crops are all bent at exactly the same height. All the sites are also electrostatically charged indicating some sort of radiation that was left at the sites. Also no one has ever really explained what the crop circles mean. Until now.

Before we go any further let’s look at the possibility of pranksters. It is possible that this is the work of some very clever pranksters or the government testing some kind of crazy new technology. Isn’t it sad that we have no knowledge of cool technology that the government HAS and keeps a secret in the name of national security? Are we still so primitive that we are self-conscious about being invaded so we keep major technological breakthroughs a secret from the human race?

Anyway back to the pranksters. Attempts have been made by pranksters using ropes and boards, but the end result looks so sloppy it is obvious that it came from human hands. I think the biggest proof that this is done by some form of higher intelligence (not a prank) is the fact that the crop circles represent the most important form of technology that the human race will ever discover.

Let’s look at this crop circle that is not a circle at all. It is a rectangle and seems to be in the format of the 1974 space broadcast via radio wave that was led by Carl Segan. The message in the field is on the left and the radio transmission is on the right. What we sent out into space was: the human figure, DNA, our solar system, the symbol for carbon, and the radio wave. The message in the field displayed direct response to those topics. There is a figure with a much larger head and a small body, an unknown form of DNA that indicates alien DNA is more complex than humans, a different solar system, the symbol for silicon, and the microwave as a form of communication.

NASA 1974 transmission

NASA 1974 transmission

Photo Credit 1&2 

There was an identical crop circle to the micro wave that was in the above message a year earlier in the same field. The field is right next to a working radio wave antenna.

Microwave crop circle in a field next to a working radio wave antenna

Microwave crop circle in a field next to a working radio wave antenna

All the other crop circles represent the Taurus and the vector equilibrium. It could be the most important technological discovery ever. It is the key to new energy sources like free energy and other useful applications. The technology is groundbreaking and there is info in the video below.

Now there are many people who say all crop circles are done by the hands of men. Believe what you will about this topic because there is tons of information available on aliens. You can make your own conclusions. I encourage you to look into the reasons for keeping this information a secret from the public as well as all the evidence on the topic. Based on numbers alone and what we know about the universe, it seems impossible that we are the only life forms in the galaxy.

One of the most common occurrences is aliens disarming nuclear weapons. This has been documented a number of times, including in the video above regarding a nuke in space and in the video below where multiple ex-military officers describes their disarming experiences (13:33).

What do you think about aliens? Let me know by leaving a comment.

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Are We Educated Yet?

Education has been turned into a joke. We are programed to become mindless drones that will get work done without asking questions.  Our nations test scores are pathetic. We are bombarded with the memorization of pointless fact making cool subjects like science become disliked by the great majority. Our nation is getting exactly what we pay for in education.  Almost none.

The government has no interest in producing well-educated people capable of critical thinking. They don’t want that. Instead they would rather have people who are smart enough to operate the machines, but not smart enough to realize they are trusting in a system that exploits their labor.

It is all because of how our education system works. It is important to understand the hierarchy that runs the world today. At the bottom you have most of the people in the world. Just common folks trying to figure out this thing called life. Above us is the government. A part of the government’s current job is to take care of the education system. It is a job that they clearly don’t take seriously. The next step up is the corporations or the corporatocracy. Everyone now knows that corporations own the government through various forms of bribes including campaign contributions. Not to mention that there is a sever issue with conflict of interests and the government. Like the old vice president who was the president of the biggest military industry, Halliburton or our last president who has DEEP family ties in the oil industry. If you paid attention to the past 8-10 years you will know that we waged war on a fairly innocent country in the name of oil and war profiteering. The government just acts as the big boss who is willing to sell their morals and ethics to the highest bidder. The step above the government is banks. Above banks are centralized banks like the FED and on the top is the World Bank (NEVER AGREE TO INTERNATIONAL TAXES… IT WILL BE THE END OF LIFE AS WE KNOW IT).

So why is education not getting the attention it deserves? Simple, The corporations tell the government that a lot of money can be made if we keep America dumb. Like I said, smart enough to work the machines that produce the goods, but not smart enough to NOT buy the pointless goods.  Since Corporations now own the government in this capitalistic society, they both make tons of unethical profits by keeping America in the shopping malls.

The issue goes much deeper than it appears on the surface and I would be happy to discuss it with anyone who has any questions. One must understand the bigger picture of capitalism and our current state of “democracy” to fully grasp why our education system is not producing more scientists and physicists.

Jacque Fresco is very good at explaining why our education system sucks. So is George Carlin and that is why I provided you with videos from both. They both understand the fundamental issues with our society and capitalism, but the difference is that Jacque is an optimist and George had no hope for any of us. Fresco believes the change in values required to make a positive impact is possible. Carlin believes that we have already crossed the point of no return and it will be only a matter of time before we all go away… for good. We had our chance so let’s hurry up and die to give whatever species that will come next a fresh start. No people to fuck everything up. I agree with both of them on the problems of society, but I am also an optimist (otherwise there would be no blog). I don’t want to remove myself from society and sit back and watch it burn… not yet anyway.

But like I have always said, “you cannot save a world that does not want to be saved”. Education is our only hope for shifting our corrupt and incorrect views about life to a more accurate and positive one. Without education all hope is lost… and more good teachers are being fired every year…

I strongly recommend you take your education into your own hands and learn about what really matters.

What do you think about education? Please let me know by leaving a comment.

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Getting a Grasp on the Bigger Picture: Nature vs. Nurture

It is a topic that has been explored by many scientists and psychologists for years now and there are now some relevant conclusions.

First, one must understand both sides to this discussion. The nature side refers to our genetic code being the predisposition to disease and other physical or mental problems. Environmental factors play no part. Dr. Sapolsky explains the common argument for nature.

“Genes equal things that can’t be changed. Genes equal things that are inevitable and that you might as well not waste resources trying to fix, might as well not put societal energies into trying to improve because it’s inevitable and it’s unchangeable. And that is sheer nonsense.”

– Dr. Robert Sapolsky, Professor of Neurological Science, Stanford University

On the other hand, the nurture side focuses on environmental factors that contribute to development and genes play no part. When analyzing the bigger picture many scientists can agree that the truth lies in the area between.

“Genes are not just things that make us behave in a particular way regardless of our environment. Genes give us different ways of responding to our environment. And in fact it looks as if some of the early childhood influences and the kind of child rearing affect gene expression: actually turning on or off different genes to put you on a different developmental track which may suit the kind of world you’ve got to deal with.”

–       Richard Wilkinson, Professor Emeritus of Social Epidermiology, University of Nottingham

So how is any of this relevant to the problems of today? The environment that an individual is surrounded by plays a huge part in human development. Take a look at society today. It is not difficult to see the problems that are destroying the last bit of integrity within our society.

We are living in an environment that creates serious social problems based on fundamental issues that are built into our system. Understanding that it is because our system creates circumstances for these problems to exist, is the first step to making the changes necessary to correcting them. It is a vastly complex issue, but modern science is making progress on understanding these complexities. We should incorporate what we know about human development and eliminate anything that has the potential to affect it in a negative way. Lets create the first ever civilized society.

I encourage you to watch this clip, which takes a much closer look on this issue.

What do you think? Please let me know by leaving a comment

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