All Great Minds Can Agree

There is hope. Many people are starting to realize that we have very serious problems that we need to address. It is even more hopeful that people are starting to understand that we are all one and we must focus on the collective good. The philosophies of Alan Watts have enlightened millions of people of the reality that we live in. Terrence McKenna was another great mind of our time that shares similar views and explores the use of psychedelics to understand reality. Another topic that is greatly misunderstood by most people today, but shows how the laws of this country just don’t make any sense.

Bill Hicks is another great man that left this earth too soon. Bill dedicated his life to telling the truth through comedy. He was also a friend of Terrence McKenna and references him in some of his acts. He had an amazing understanding of the cosmosGeorge Carlin realized the bigger picture and most of his later material was about pointing out just how stupid we have been acting. Joe Rogan is another comedian who is doing great things for the evolution of critical thinking and the advancement of our society. He has an amazing podcast that features the great minds of our time talking about everything relevant and important today. Carl Sagan created the TV series The Cosmos and was way ahead of his timePeter Joseph is an innovative thinker and a filmmaker. He has created the Zeitgeist film series and started the Zeitgeist Movement. The Zeitgeist Movement is all about moving toward a world of equality and sustainability.

Jacque Fresco is a brilliant man who has inspired me a lot. He is a self-taught genius that dedicated his life to social engineering and technology application that will rid the world of war, poverty and greed. He has created an organization called the Venus Project that is a blueprint for a better society. He understands all of the factors that contribute to the decline of culture and addresses them scientifically. He has contributed to the Zeitgeist Movement, and has given many lectures and talks over the years including a few books. He has also put together two movies. The fist movie is called “Future By Design” and the most recent movie is “Paradise or Oblivion”. He has created practical solutions for many of our severe problems and has designed a much better city system. Through the application of practical technology we can move past the need for a monetary system and create abundance for everyone on the planet.

There are many more great minds that all can agree on one thing. Either we change or we die, all as one. Stephen Hawking said in the documentary Surviving Progress,

We are entering an increasingly dangerous period of our history…If we are the only intelligent beings in the galaxy, we should make sure we survive and continue. If we can avoid disaster for the next two centuries, our species should be safe. We have made remarkable progress in the last hundred years. Our only chance of long-term survival is not to remain inward looking on planet Earth, but to spread out into space.” –Stephen Hawking, Surviving Progress, 2011

Please check out some of the videos above and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.



About Andy Blanchard

I am an artist and a Business Management undergrad at University of Nevada, Reno. I am motivated to save the planet by changing the harmful and destructive business practices that have become standardized in the world today. The only way we can accomplish this is by shifting our values from privatization and profit to sustainability and longevity.We need to start using our technology responsibly and shift from short term profit to long term prosperity for the human race. We have the technology today to provide abundance for every human being on the planet. We are limited in implementing these practical solutions for all of our modern problems because of our current economic, monetary, and political systems have their own agenda. The concentration of wealth on this planet has reached new heights of unequal. We must continue the evolution of our social, economical, and political systems with the new technology and knowledge that we have today.
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