The Dangers Of Exponential Times

We all know that we live in exponential times. The world around us is changing very rapidly. Sometimes it feels like it is hard to keep up with everything going on. That is because exponential growth is hard to keep up with. Even if you are growing at a set percentage rate for a fixed number of years you are still experiencing exponential growth. This is because that the additional percentage is added to the base amount and the value of the percentage increases. When we use this model for real world issues we can quickly see serious problems arise.

There are many different exponential growth curves going on right now, but we will look at the main 3.

Population growth

The population of the earth is an exponential function because the birth rate is much higher than the death rate. We have also experienced the baby boomers and generation X, which has dramatically raised the population. The real question is what does it all mean. It comes down to a matter of resources and energy. When the population is growing so is the need for food, shelter and energy. But should we be worried? According to National geographic 7 billion people could stand shoulder-to-shoulder and fit inside Los Angeles. When you are flying in a plane and look out the window you mostly see empty space. Where are all the people we are afraid of? Taking up all the land on the planet should not be the first concern. Resources will need to be produced far more efficiently for us to get to that point. However, if our population continues to grow at 1.3% per year we will reach a population density of one person per one square meter on the dry land earth surface in 780 years.


Another undeniable exponential growth curve is our technology. You can see in the video above that the amount of time it took for different technologies to reach 50 million people got much shorter as technology progressed. The population contributes to this, but it would not be possible without the technological means to do so. We can look at the speed of a computer almost double every year, along with the memory. We now have databases, servers, Facebook, and twitter.

Technology is the most positive growth curve we are experiencing. It can be used intelligently to enhance our daily lives or it can be used carelessly as means to speed up the destruction of our species. As mentioned before overpopulation is very far off because we are currently using our technology to maximize short term profits instead of operating at optimal efficacy. Once we can shift our mentality from the selfish nature that capitalism promotes to the collected wellbeing of all people on the earth, we can then start using our technology in an effective manor. We are currently prevented from implementing certain useful technologies into society because there is some company that is making too much money with they way things are. Positive change would mean giving up the power of a superior lifestyle and no CEO wants that. Technology should be used responsibly to promote universal wellbeing.

The Economy and The Money Supply

It is much less understood that our economy can only survive in this infinite growth paradigm. There are so many flaws built into our economic system it is basically like a giant ponzi scheme. Money is created, but then interest is charged on the newly created money and in order to repay that interest they must create more new money and debt or take money out of the existing money supply. Either way is bad for us common folks. Either more money devaluating the current money supply causing the purchasing power of your dollar to fall or the money supply contacting leading to more unemployment and foreclosures. It’s a giant made-up game and you were probably born on the losing side.

We must change the cycle of our economy from the exponential growth to a sustainable cycle like one found in nature. The cycle of the Taurus is the key for free energy, anti-gravity, and other forms of renewable energy and travel. We are on the break through of the greatest discoveries in the history of science but we are again silenced because there is someone making money of the inefficient technology in place. We need to break free from these restrictions and create a sustainable economic system that is free to advance with the current technology and knowledge of the era. Like a resource based economy.

The bottom line is that we have created silly systems that promote inequality, waste and greed that now prevent real improvements to be made. We can use technology to solve the overpopulation issue only if we are not limited by our economy and monetary system.

What do you think? Let me know!


About Andy Blanchard

I am an artist and a Business Management undergrad at University of Nevada, Reno. I am motivated to save the planet by changing the harmful and destructive business practices that have become standardized in the world today. The only way we can accomplish this is by shifting our values from privatization and profit to sustainability and longevity.We need to start using our technology responsibly and shift from short term profit to long term prosperity for the human race. We have the technology today to provide abundance for every human being on the planet. We are limited in implementing these practical solutions for all of our modern problems because of our current economic, monetary, and political systems have their own agenda. The concentration of wealth on this planet has reached new heights of unequal. We must continue the evolution of our social, economical, and political systems with the new technology and knowledge that we have today.
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