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I am an artist and a Business Management undergrad at University of Nevada, Reno. I am motivated to save the planet by changing the harmful and destructive business practices that have become standardized in the world today. The only way we can accomplish this is by shifting our values from privatization and profit to sustainability and longevity.We need to start using our technology responsibly and shift from short term profit to long term prosperity for the human race. We have the technology today to provide abundance for every human being on the planet. We are limited in implementing these practical solutions for all of our modern problems because of our current economic, monetary, and political systems have their own agenda. The concentration of wealth on this planet has reached new heights of unequal. We must continue the evolution of our social, economical, and political systems with the new technology and knowledge that we have today.

Confessions Of An Economic Hitman: The Truth About America

I am sorry to tell you, but America has been slipping over the years. Unfortunately it goes much deeper than it appears on the surface. America has been involved in enslaving the developing countries of the world with debt and … Continue reading

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The Road To Civilization

There are many people doing great things to make the world a better place. The problem is that most of our efforts will be within the same mindset that got us into these problems. The results are too little too … Continue reading

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The Dangers Of Exponential Times

We all know that we live in exponential times. The world around us is changing very rapidly. Sometimes it feels like it is hard to keep up with everything going on. That is because exponential growth is hard to keep … Continue reading

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Carl Sagan: A Life Of Progress

Carl Sagan was a great man. He was far beyond his time and has provided us with very useful advice that could not be more relevant today. He was a scientist and an astronomer. He was a very knowledgeable man … Continue reading

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Aliens Exist and Don’t Like Our Nuclear Weapons

Believe what you will about aliens, but there is astounding proof that we have made first contact with real aliens. Now I know what you are thinking, o great another alien conspiracy. But I am just asking you to take … Continue reading

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Are We Educated Yet?

Education has been turned into a joke. We are programed to become mindless drones that will get work done without asking questions.  Our nations test scores are pathetic. We are bombarded with the memorization of pointless fact making cool subjects … Continue reading

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Getting a Grasp on the Bigger Picture: Nature vs. Nurture

It is a topic that has been explored by many scientists and psychologists for years now and there are now some relevant conclusions. First, one must understand both sides to this discussion. The nature side refers to our genetic code … Continue reading

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